For what, and whom, are we advocating?

Educational Rights

Education for Foster children

Foster children, the children most vulnerable in our communities, are at a high risk of entering the “School to Prison Pipeline.” An alarming 30% of foster youth will enter the juvenile justice system each year due to behavior in and out of school. These children experience childhood trauma that stacks the odds greatly against them in traditional learning environments. It is our entire mission to see these children get the support and education they need to live a loving and meaningful life. 

Directly Helping you

Our Services

Equipping Care Givers through our Advocacy Workshops + Advocating for the Educational Needs of Children Impacted by Foster Care.

Foster Care Advocacy

One-on-one advocacy services to support the special education needs of students in foster care.

Private Advocacy

We offer advocacy for all students impacted by special education needs.

Equipping Caregivers

We will share our educational advocacy knowledge through a workshop.

Lux Academy AZ

Lux Academy is where we turn when public schools are no longer the answer.

A quick start

Since 2017

Advocacy31Nine has been busy working with educational systems and families in the Phoenix area, affecting over 100 families by helping navigate educational rights for their foster children.

Not only have we assisted these families with various resources and information helping their cases, but we have also unlocked over $3 million (USD) to help pay for support in schools (an average of $30,000/student). 

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“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”

Nelson Mandela