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Documents explaining signs of learning disabilities, lists of liaisons, and more; we have a collection of documents designed to help you.

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Advocacy31Nine Program Director, Jenny Mullins, delivers key information to empower you to advocate for your child at school and help them get the support they need to THRIVE!

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The First Steps To Finding Accomodations

Educational Evaluation

The first step is determining if your student needs special education services and support. (Email to principal when completed).

Math Accommodations

Students with dyscalculia may have difficulties solving basic math problems with typical accuracy and speed. 

Reading Accommodations

Students with reading difficulties may have the inability to read, read slower than their peers, or have low interest in reading.

Handwriting Accommodations

Students with handwriting difficulties may experience issues forming letters and with writing fluency.

Lists and Fillable Reports

Monthly Foster Care Report

Two-page monthly report to filled out and sent to your caser manager.

Foster Care Support Phone Numbers

A comprehensive list of Foster Care Support phone numbers; ranging from clothing to medical services.

Foster Care Points Of Contact

Point of contacts for every school district in AZ. Helpful for tracking down school records.

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IEP Resources

A list of plans and resources regarding Individualized Education Programs.

Child Find

Find out more about the Child Find Mandate requiring school districts to seek out & evaluate any child suspected of having a disability.